Iraqi Cultural Office is part of the Ministry of Higher Education and  Scientific Research. In Washington, DC it is under the umbrella of the  Iraqi Diplomatic Mission. It was (re)established on March, 16 2006.   

  • Help, in placing and supporting Iraqi scholarship students within the United States Universities and educational institutions.  
  • Promote, Iraqi education, science and culture through the  collaboration with US educational, scientific and cultural institutions.   
  • Offer patronage for non scholarship Iraqi student in the USA.  
  • Establish and strengthen, links between Iraqi and American educators.  
  • Establish and strengthen, cross-cultural links and cooperation between Iraqi and American Society.  
  • Promote, the implementation of educational and scientific protocols signed by the two countries.  
  • Represent, Iraq in international organizations for education, science and culture.  
  • Contribution, to educational, scientific and cultural events that takes place within USA.  
  • Encouraging Iraqi American scholars within the USA to actively contribute to the rebuilding of Iraq. 


Dr. Ali Z. Almayahi

The Iraqi Cultural Attache